Playing with MyPaint on a "new" device

I did some computer resuscitation for a neighbor last weekend, and he gave me some oldish hardware as partial payment. One of the things was a Motion J3400 tablet PC which had Windows 7 installed, but protected with a lost password. I scrapped that OS when i learned that Ubuntu runs comfortably on this machine, and i also discovered that while it doesn’t have a touch screen it does have a Wacom digitizer. So…MYPAINT! The stylus has only one button, and i depend on having a keyboard attached when MyPainting, so it isn’t the greatest thing, but it’s still enjoyable. Running Ubuntu + MyPaint-testing

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Oh that looks fun! Let me know if we need to do more to make fullscreen fun, or whether onscreen keyboards work like they should with that combination (assuming they work for other things…)

I hadn’t used it for a few days…focusing on garden planning, and trying to broaden my ink-based art skills. But i have it running right now, and apart from the fact that there’s a keyboard on the screen it seems to work pretty well with the software keyboard. It was originally not letting me see the keyboard when in fullscreen mode, but after a little fiddling it’s working. I don’t know exactly what fixed it, but i think it was by entering fullscreen using the keyboard rather than the mypaint buttons/menu…i tried to make it screw up again afterward and couldn’t.

Using R to pick a color is a little weird, but something i can get used to: You have to place the cursor over the color you want, then pull the stylus straight back away from the screen so the cursor doesn’t move, and then press R.

I might map some keys to rotate, pan, zoom (plus and minus keys are inconveniently in a secondary screen that switches back each time you touch the key). The arrow keys are available in the main screen, but i really prefer a more free-flowing pan. In any case i don’t use full-fullscreen (no panels) anywhere near as much as i used to, so everything is technically available already. There are just some things that i find more convenient which i’m not sure are possible without a hardware keyboard attached.