Pixels and paper size

Is it possible to adjust the pixels and the size of the paper?
How to do it?

Hi there, sorry for the late reply!

I think you may be looking for the frame tool.

Unfortunately that tool is broken in my installation of MyPaint and will immediately crash the program, but it could work for you. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, MyPaint has an infinite canvas. If I need high resolution images I just zoom out before starting to draw.

The max canvas size (on my computer at least) is 32000x32000 @ 9600 dpi
You can set the framesize which defines your saved image as was stated by the OP.
To get to that dialog box OP seemed to be missing, you will first need to download the version that does not crash when you try to use the frame tool (2.1.0-alpha+git.fb661b7 is my version), then after you click the frame tool, you need to go to the Window selector and click the “Tool Options Panel” or “T” if you haven’t changed it. The adjustable information is right there.
32k x 32k is pretty big and @9600 resolution, :open_mouth: