Paste image from the clipboard under pointer

Description of the Problem, or Question?

I teach online and need to quickly paste problem’s text (as an image) under the pointer, so the result is like here:

If I use Ctrl+V to paste the image from the clipboard, the new layer is created and the old layer is deleted. But for the lesson I want to keep everything to be able to scroll up. If I save the image and then import layer via Ctrl+Alt+O, then the image is located in the beginning of the board which could be too far, and then I need to move it down. How can I paste image under the pointer without deleting the current layer?

Basic System Details

MyPaint version: 2.0.0+gitexport.af5225a (Python 3.8.5, GTK 3.24.20, GdkPixbuf 2.40.0, Cairo 1.16.0, GLib 2.64.2)

Operating System + Version: Ubuntu 20.04 with XFCE4

As far as I know, pasting always overwrites the current layer and places the content at the top-left position of the whole image.

You could do it like this (using the default shortcuts):

  • Ctrl + PgUp - Create a new layer
  • Ctrl + V - Paste the content from the clipboard
  • M - Move Tool, drag the new layer with the content where you need it
  • Ctrl + M - Merge the layer withe old layer below (this step is optional but useful in case you also want to erase something)
  • M - Press M again to return to your previous tool (e.g. the Pen/Brush)

If there is an easier way, I would like to know myself :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is very similar for what I do, but I am looking for a faster solution.

I would say in this case is take advantage of macros so you have less keystrokes to worry about. About the position of the paste image, sadly there not an easy way of pasting a layer under your cursor. This should be branched off to a feature request so we can address it. I’m think on a UI wise is to actually paste an image in its own layer by default(krita does this for example), then you can just move it and then merge layers. That alone will reduce the amount of steps.

So for now, I’d say use something like Autokey to create a simple macro and that would help you reduce your steps. Luckily mypaint is very keyboard friendly and easy to change, you can arrange your shortcuts to even just be single keys like you do for brush sizing, rotating, etc. Just going to require you to play and experiment with to get it to work for you.

Thank you for the idea with Autokey.

This is OK, I just want this image to appear under the pointer (or at least at the current screen) and then it’s easy to adjust image’s position and merge layers. The actual problem is to move image long way down (unfortunately, macro won’t help with it).

Should I create feature request as an issue at github or somewhere at this website?

Yes under Feature Requests in our community fourms.