Parallel (Example Post)

###This is an example post of an Artwork Showcase. Feel free to ask questions about how to post one here.

This is part of a project I’ve been working on for years now, and I think I’m finally ready to write about it.

Parallel©2015 Albert Westra
Licensed as CC-BY-SA

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I was playing around, and I found that Discourse is really smart about embedding different kinds of media and links. It knows about DeviantArt specifically. Maybe we should encourage people to post that way if they have a big gallery-full they want to share as thumbnails? Looks a bit like

(Hope you don’t mind me using this as an example! :smile: )

All people need to do is paste the link:

No No it fine I actually would rather this be an example thread, so having this is awesome. You should be able to do the samething with GitHub links as well. So that should useful in the developers area.

Just tried a couple of DeviantArt links in a new topic, it works great! :smile:

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Question from My work with Mypaint:

When you create a new topic, just click on the upload icon and select the file from your computer. It will create a HTML tag with the link to your uploaded image.

Please keep in mind that the Community forums dose limit image sizes to 1mb or less because of limited HDD space. Plus we only accept .jpg, .gif and .png files to be uploaded to our site.

Lastly, please either create a new topic with your question or ask away here. We want to keep the threads on topic.

Quote from This Art Showcase Contains Cute:

I’m posting this here in case someone has a question about this.