Paintings of the Girls that Appeared in the Comedy Series Rowan and Martin's Laugh-Ins

Hello to anyone viewing this posting.
I am new to this community forum yet have some years of using MyPaint and many other graphic arts programs.

This year I have worked on a series of paintings of young actress comedians that were
in the television series Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-Ins, aired from 1967 for 6 seasons, and
actually became the most watched TV series in the USA for 1968 and 1969.
These ladies were very talented and could always make you laugh.
Most of the paintings were created using MyPaint while a couple that are not included here
were also worked on with the program Art Rage by Ambient Design.
I would like to share the paintings created with My Paint here for anyone interested in viewing.

This is a first attempt at painting Judy Carnes, she was most noted in the comedy series
for having water splashed all over her on stage after someone spoke the words “Sock It to

This was a second attempt at painting Judy Carnes. I really like her a lot, very funny.

This painting is the actress Joanne Worley a really zany comedian in the TV series, lots of

This actress Goldie Hawn is still appearing in films, recently a movie entitled Snatched.
She was a beautiful young lady back in the Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In days, her reputation was a comical type of dumb blonde, yet always played other roles very well also, very talented.

This actress Ruth Buzzi appeared in every episode of the entire Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-Ins series.
Her most memorable role in the comedy series was that of Gladys, a very desperate for a man
lady. She played a most popular role in park bench settings with Tyrone an older man that
was always making moves on her and getting hit with her purse while she played hard to get.
Many good laughs with this one.