P4prik4's Artwork

great idea I love this type of thread, i’ve seen some go on for years.
sorry if newbie work here, def not showcase worthy but i’d like to share anyways,

new to mypaint one of my first few studies.
used lineart of a car found in a search engine as base
I quite like the plus layer effect or dodge layer, for the lights + highlights… really adds glowyness.

initial plan for some jeep paintings I’m making for my dad who loves them:

converted art into lineart with inkscape with trace bitmap feature.
both these I used separate scene imagines that I thought suited the jeep.

Time not sure, will try to keep track next time maybe do a semi speed paint. id say about 2.3 hour on the older jeep and 1 to 2 hours or so on the older car (a lot of time spent experimenting. )

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based off this ink i found:

anime is called xxxholic, quite enjoyed it very mysterious stories


Pretty cool, keep it up! You might try putting a “pigment” layer on top of the line work and then using transparent washes to color it. You might like the effect! It’s sort of like a “multiply” mode but not quite:

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thanks, i look forward to learn. I need the new brush and stuff right.
does it only apply to the ink? because I have color layers below.
I can probably edit it in krita and have it so only the ink is affected.

loving your brushes. will be using them to polish current wip.

Not quite sure what you mean, but it will affect anything below it. I would play around with both ways, ink on top vs below, and even adjust the opacity of the ink layer and see what happens.

oh it’s because i inked lines from image using inkscape as transparent png. so i can paint between the ink.
here is example of what i am going for:

bird on left was able to just color ink by selecting just the ink by rightclick the ink layer in krita or gimp and selecting the opaque.

good idea with duplicating ink and adjust opacity and maybe erase part of one.

had fun time using your feathered shaped brush for this piece:


Interesting effects! You can also try using a locked alpha brush mode to paint over just the ink lines while leaving the transparent areas in-between unaffected

I split this off from the previous thread to keep things on topic.