ORA image viewer

Is there any Linux image viewer that can show ORA?

Gwenview is supposedly able to show ORA, but it doesn’t.

XnView may be able to show ORA, but it looks for libraries at the wrong place in Ubuntu (I assume) so it won’t start at all.

To show .ora images, you say about the thumbnails images, or open the ora files like a ordinary image instead to use MyPaint??

Yes, I want to open .ora images with a program whose only purpose is to show images. I don’t care about thumbnails.

Do you know of one?

Sadly no D: The only programs apart to MyPaint to open .ora files are Gimp (and with this one recently I can’t open this files) and Krita. But in both cases, are programs to edit .ora files, not simply show.

I hope someone know if exist any program or application to show .ora files as images.

After saving the image as an ora I use mypaint to save the image again as a jpg. Using gimp to crop.

Reasonably recent ORA files make it easy to extract a rendered image:
unzip $ZIPFILE mergedimage.png. This rendering is with background.
So, whether via proxy or not, this is all that a viewer program/plugin needs to do to view modern ORA files: Extract that PNG, and view it.

Most viewer programs on Linux use either GDKPixbuf or Imlib2. Both of these support format plugins, so once we have a plugin for each system, we’d have decent basic functionality in many image viewers (eg sxiv, feh, gthumb, geeqie, eog…).

One important caveat is that MyPaint manages huge images much better than most programs, so if you don’t have a lot of memory + fast cpu, viewing large ORAs could be painful.

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If you install Krita, I think they’ve included a thumbnail generator with it, so it should probably also display ora files as well. The generator I made for Krita on OSX does that as well: https://github.com/Algorithmus/Krita-QuickLook

Since QuickLook on OSX is not dependent on the app you bundle it with, you are free to just include it with MyPaint, and it should just work. See the instructions.