Now Ending MyPaint Compilings

Sorry guys! After updating MyPaint dev this morning, I have noticed that my Genius EasyPen i405X is no longer working as a brush. It can only move the canvas. When debugging, I can see that MyPaint is NOT detecting any pressure from my i405X. Next, i went to GitHub and was about to file a bug and noticed I had to write too much info. Nowadays, that gives me headaches. I’m already in the retirement phases, so I have decided to give up. MyPaint 1.3 no longer works with my Genius EasyPen i405X… It’s acceptable because it is not a Wacom brand. And so, I got my exit strategy!

Since I am always a new user here, I will be posting more details of why I’m quitting MyPaint development on my blog site. Bye Everybody!

I’m sorry to hear about your problems with MyPaint and otherwise.

I read on your blog that you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome too. A friend of mine said that it can be cured with a simple operation, so that might be worth looking into. Not sure how arthritis would interfere with that though,

I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever they may be!

For anyone worried about KuyaMarc, he seems to be doing well:

@KuyaMarc we hope you come back some day :-). Ok really I’m just a Debian user and I don’t want to be missing Mypaint packages! :wink: Just kidding.