No updates for 4 1/2 months. Is this thing on?

Just logging on since neither nor the mypaint program have seen any updates for several months.

Is this just because progress has slowed a little, or is it a website maintenence issue- and newer versions of mypaint exist than version 1.2.1 beta.1?

If there are newer versions, where would I look to try them?

Enjoying mypaint and appreciate the efforts of the dev team!

Yeah, MyPaint is still in active development, yet sadly unless you are on linux, updates for the other two platforms will be slow. That because we don’t have a reliable tool chain yet for building binaries for windows. With MacOS, we just need a reliable maintainer for native builds. Though @achadwick is working on a build tool chain called Styrene which should make creating builds for Windows easier and faster.