No Color Pick / Sampling From Scratchpad?

So when I work I tend to paint splotches of my colors so that I can color pick them later to get any of my previous colors again and well I thought “guess I can put these on the scratchpad!” …Except that I can’t because the color pick tool doesn’t activate when hovered over the scratchpad, just the canvas. Is this working as intended or a bug? If intended might I suggest changing it for a future release? Or if I’m just being derp help would be nice too. XD

Should probably mention I’m using 1.2 on Windows 10.

Same here. I’m running MyPaint 1.2.1. Switching to the eyedropper tool in the UI does not affect the scratchpad behavior: using my pen there continues to draw on the scratchpad with the currently selected brush.

Yes holding “R” on the keyboard allows me to pick colors from the scratchpad. However I usually detach my tablet from its keyboard when I paint. This makes the scratchpad completely unusable for me as a color sampler/mixer.