New Vector Layer not working?

Hi! I was trying out the program but when i tested the vector layer it immediately stops working. I don’t know if this is an issue everyone had or just me? please do help!

You are going to need to report this issue as a bug over at the MyPaint repository. The Developers area is not for reporting bug and issues, but a place where new developers can ask questions and brainstorm.

Information you need to provide.

MyPaint Version: Can be found in Help>About Mypaint
OS: By the looks of it Windows 10
Description Of the Problem and how to reproduce the steps.
You may also need to provide hardware information as well so keep that in mind.

I will need to make clear better in the future, but the Developer’s Area is not for reporting bugs.

After you create the Issue, be sure to post the link to the issue here so people know where to go if they experience this problem as well.

Thanks for reporting it on the tracker!