New user. How to map Wacom buttons to actions and how to delete by section

I want to map the buttons of my stylus to erasing action and I want to delete a section of code.

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Linux Debian Testing. KDE 5.9

Wacom CTL 472

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I’m not an artist. I want this mostly for blackboard like presentations. So I only need to do two things. Quickly write and sketch (no problem there) and then quickly delete. I have not found a way of selecting an area of a drawing and delete it. Is there a way?

Second, how can I map the buttons in the stylus to a actions other that left click and right click?

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You could take advantage of the layers. It has shortcuts where you can create a new layer, move between them, and hide layers.

We don’t have selection tools, but you could mess with the eraser brushes and make them sharper edge so you can erase large sections.

In other news…

I’m half tempted in my journey to learn to code by making a dedicated blackboard program and use libmypaint for the brush engine.

Ok. Thank you for the reply. I’ll keep practicing so I don’t have to erase that much while searchinf for other applicaitons.
I liked that this one had an infinitite canvas.

I do code. I’m a software developer. Those presentantion? I usually find it easier to do a quick doodle to be able to explain certain arquitecture I ideas. So it’s something very addicting when you get to it. You should!!