MyPaint won't recognize my dell active pen

Hey Guys,
I’ve wanted to try my hand at digital art for a while and I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 2in1 (model 7405) and the PN350M active pen to go with it. I’ve tested other programs and it works relatively well, but I’ve heard good things about MyPaint so I wanted to try it too. But unfortunately it won’t pick up that I am using a pen, and there is nothing in the devices except for the mouse.
All I did was download and install mypaint-w32-2.0.1-installer.exe, is that enough or do I need the other stuff as well?
Please help!

I’m having the same problem, no idea how to fix it either. I think it has something to do with how mypaint goes about detecting devices. The dell pen doesn’t have its own driver so it isn’t recognised as separate from the mouse.
Hopefully someone with a better knowledge of coding will come along and figure out how to get mypaint to recognise pressure sensitivity in (what it thinks is) a mouse/pointer.

First of all, I’m not a Windows user, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about here. :slight_smile: And this suggestion might not help with your issue.

I suspect that your stylus actually does have a driver, even if you didn’t install it yourself. It could be that it uses the same technology Microsoft uses in its Surface tablets, and in that case it is probably supplied with Windows by default.

Windows also has two API’s to interact with styluses; Wintab and Windows Ink, where the latter is the newer one. You can read a Krita developer’s take on them here.

MyPaint recently changed to Windows Ink as the default setting. It seems that you can switch between them by setting the GDK_WIN32_TABLET_INPUT_API environment variable to wintab for Wintab and winpointer for Windows Ink. Read here and here.

Hey Bleke,
Thanks for the suggestion and sorry the for late reply,
However I am rather computer illiterate and have no idea how to make this change. The links you provided aren’t exactly clear to a layman such as myself either - sorry haha

How to do it is covered in the last link.

I have the same issue with the same pen. I tried adding and changing the environment var as mentioned by bleke but there’s no change…

Have you tried rebooting after setting the variable?

Again, I’m not a Windows user… just guessing here. :slight_smile: