MyPaint v2.0.0-alpha.13 - Lines and Curves do not work

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I updated MyPaint to MyPaint v2.0.0-alpha.13 some days ago and noticed, that the Lines and Curves don’t work. Can’t draw straight lines by holding the Shift-Key, and also by activating the Lines And Curves-Button and drawing nothing appears on the canvas. So I downgraded to the former version again, and it works as I know it. Is it a general problem of this Alpha-Version or does it only happen to me?

Basic System Details

Dell XPS 8930, i7-8700 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

MyPaint version:

MyPaint v2.0.0-alpha.13

Found under Help --> About MyPaint

Operating System + Version:

Windows 10, 64 Bit Home Edition vs. 1909

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Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet:

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch CTH-470

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1.Holding the Shift-Key and draw

  1. Klicking the Lines & Curves-Button
  2. Draw

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No Errors, just nothing happening

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Testing on a Windows 10 VM line mode seems to works just fine. Off the top of my head I’m not sure if the modifier key combination for drawing straight lines is bound by default. You can bind it manually in the “Buttons” tab in preferences (third tab).

Perhaps an issue with your settings for the “Lines and Curves” tool? Maybe the gain is set too low, or the pressure variation curve is zeroed out? Check the tool options panel with the line tool active (click the line/curve button in the toolbar).

Hi jpll!

Thanx for your reply. I reinstalled MyPaint, and now it works fine. Seems that it was a false alarm. Don’t know what went wrong.

Thanx again and best wishes