MyPaint-Tutorial-LayerMask-Part 1/2

Hello MyPainter’s
My name is Peter and would like to thank everyone who worked on “MyPaint”.
Particularly well to Developer: Andrew Chadwick
For about two years I started painting what I owe a big part of “MyPaint”.
I have worked many photo’s on Gimp.
To facilitate my work I got from a work colleague an Old “Wacom”.
By Gimp I was not Animates to paint. Only by “MyPaint” I’ve got to paint more and more fun.
I could even thousand reasons to call.
So I planned a partially contribute to the project.
Thus I created my first two tutorials.


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Nice! But I would rather hear your voice explaining what you do than tweeting birds or music.

Maybe you are just like me and hate hearing your own voice, but it makes tutorial videos a lot better if there is narration.

Hello Bleke,

Thanks for your answer .
I personally turn off the sound most.
A “tutorial” I think, must also without sound functioning.
My English is not so good, and that would probably only confuse.
And there are certainly many people in the world who do not understand English.
Drawing is a Visual Art and I can imagine that some people are hearing impaired.
I personally love my voice, but I find the old Movies (Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin) super.
The music is just bonus.
The (music) should play no important role in a tutorial on drawing

Lg peter