MyPaint stopped working!

I’ve used MyPaint for more than 2 years on Ubuntu and I’ve never experienced any kind of problem. But only recently I reinstalled MyPaint from ubuntu software center on my fresh reinstall of Ubuntu 12.04lts I’ve not been able to draw anything. It doesn’t even draw a dot! I can’t even select any brush in brushes option or anything. Idk why this occurred. I’ve even installed updates for 12.04lts but still it’s not working. It’s really getting very annoying. And I use mouse to draw not tablet. Any help is much appreciated.

12.04 is two years old now. I think MyPaint should work anyway, but you might consider updating Ubuntu to 16.04. Maybe it will help with MyPaint too.

Sadly, 12.04 LTS use MyPaint v1.0 which we no longer support. I would have suggested using our Ubuntu PPA to get the latest builds, but we don’t have builds for 12.04 LTS either. So yeah I would take @bleke advise and update to 16.04 LTS. If resources is a problem, Ubuntu Mate is a good choice.

Please upgrade your OS. You’ll have to do it in stages, because if you are doing an LTS to LTS upgrade, Canonical only allow LTS n → LTS n+1 upgrades.

  1. Do an in-place upgrade to 14.04LTS now, as a matter of urgency.
  • Use this guide:
  • A word of warning: this may not still be possible, 12.04 is very old and may not be supported by Canonical in any fashion. If you can’t, you will have to reinstall your OS from 14.04LTS installation media, and take the option to preserve your files. Make backups first.
  1. Then upgrade in place to 16.04. This is less urgent, but it is still important.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

@Achadwick Hello. Sorry for the delay. I’d gotten busy and I forgot my old email ID and MyPaint forums ID/Password, So I had to create a new.
Well, I’d upgrade OS to 16.04 but it slowed down my system so I upgraded to 14.04lts and the problem was solved!!
And I created this portrait with MyPaint. Huge Thanks to you. Without MyPaint I wouldn’t be able to create it that much better.Check it out here! Taylor Swift

Nice portrait! :slight_smile:

And good on you for managing to get it work. I was quite distressed four years ago when I only had access to a MacBook Pro and MyPaint wasn’t availible for MacOS at the time.

Thank you Bleke. Aw I can understand how it might’ve felt.