Mypaint spazzes out,after that i suddenly cant reinstall ;-;

So for some weird reason i cant find someone with a similar issue.

So what happened was i got my first graphics tablet ‘XP-PEN G540’ so i decided to install some software to try it out.
a game called ‘osu!’ and a few drawing programs such as “mypaint”,“inkscape”,“SAI” and others(unless its neccesary to know all :expressionless: )

Played osu! on my tablet,it was great!so i went on to try the drawing programs.It was difficult to find a suitable one as most of the drawing programs are hard to navigate,until i found “mypaint”.navigating through the github page was painfull ;-;,but i made a drawing overnight,nothing much,just a quick sketch.

the next day ‘osu!’ stayed the same but mypaint for some reason does not want to cooperate with my drawing tablet(mouse is fine)

So i tried reinstalling it,And it refuses to install back.the only files left in the folder mypaint was installed was


i might think i have broken the installer :C

any possible solutions? thanks!