MyPaint + Krita + Cube i7 Tablet - together

Trying to find the right tool for the right job, doing a lot of digital sketches in a short time. This one was approx 1,5 hours. Love inking in MyPaint – doing more sketchy sketches beforehand (using MyPaint). Classic orange - cyan contrast colors, sloppy, sorry about that.

This was inked using MyPaint and colored in Krita. BTW the typography tool in Krita doesn’t go along with tablet input so I used GIMP for that.

Got a new Linux kernel upgrade for the Linux Mint 18 running on my Cube i7 Tablet and the touch screen and WIFI performance has improved.


That’s one wild painting you have here. Looks like a comprehensive sketch and idea for
a 3d animation.

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Check out my drawings:

Im Using my paint on Nokia N900

You have some really good talent at the type of artwork you create, very good.
Watched several of your You Tube shows and have to admit the way you simply run through compositions is amazing, did not recognize any corrections or back tracking.