MyPaint Icons are Small on HiDPI Displays

I use mypaint with a program called pureref

on the newer versions of gnome some of the features don’t work. For example in pureref you can make the background transparent then have it always be on top, that way you can draw directly over, it makes inking your hand drawn work really awesome. Anyways this feature is broken on gnome so the devs say try kde.

I tried KDE and things work as expected again, except now the icons are really small.

I will attach two images, these are the same machine just one running mypaint on gnome and one running mypaint on plasma.

here’s the link
the top image is gnome, the second image is kde

The problem could be fixed by the devs to have the program work with gnome better but if someone here who uses kde could offer some advice on making the icons larger that would be a quicker solution as the devs didn’t seem to interested in fixing the gnome issue atm.


What is the resolution you monitor can support? If it is a 4K or high resolution monitor, you may need to adjust the HiDPI settings in KDE.

Also I renamed your thread title to better match what you need help with.

tl;dr My display is 2880x1800 but to be honest I just switched back to gnome.

I was a gnome user and switched to kde because of some issues with a third program. PureRef; it doesn’t work properly in gnome but I just don’t have enough time to deal with all the customization kde requires. I’m back to gnome and it’s either gnome or the terminal kde is lost somewhere in between for me.

So basically what happening is that your display is a HiDPI one (Using a Mac I’m Guessing?). Gnome Shell will sometimes detect this and adjust your DPI scale accordingly. However that is not always the case.

So to fix this on KDE or Gnome Shell, you need to adjust the HiDPI setting so it’s UI can scale correctly.

I’m a gnome user as well So I understand. I like to keep things simple. So to me KDE over complicates things in my opinion. It’s still a good desktop environment. Just not the right fit for me either.