Mypaint freeze when saving

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Description of the Problem, or Question?

Hello sometimes mypaint freeze when saving : there isn’t bar of saving process of MyPaint, so i try to click on another window of another programm,…, and to click a new time on window’s MyPaint, …, but finally when i want to quit Mypaint it tells me “you will lose … seconds of your job if you close”.

Is it a problem of memory management ? There is a trick to resolve this problem ?

Basic System Details

**MyPaint version:

(Python 3.8.3, GTK 3.24.20, GdkPixbuf 2.40.0, Cairo 1.16.0, GLib 2.64.1)**

Operating System + Version:
8 Go, ADM chipset vegas 11, Windows 10.

Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet:
Huion H420