Mypaint draws some way off of the cursor when I'm drawing with my graphics tablet

mypaint isn’t drawing under the cursor when I use my graphics tablet.
This happens in both the old stable and the new 2.0.0 versions of mypaint on windows 10.
I’m pretty sure I’ve used my graphics tablet with mypaint in the past, but that may have been because I was running mypaint on linux at the time.

the graphics tablet which I am using is an xp-pen [Star 03V2 Express Keys]
(Star 03 V2 large affordable graphic drawing tablet | XPPen)

I’ve created a little video showing the problem.

Likely related issues #743, #763, #830, #1052

If you are using multiple monitors, the above issues are probably the same as yours. Is this the case?

This is one of those annoying ones, where the root cause may be Gtk/Gdk, but possibly just MyPaint using them incorrectly (still using old interfaces). I don’t have the ability to test this myself, as I’ve been running Linux exclusively (pretty much) for the past 10 years. Hopefully this’ll be fixed by moving to the new device interfaces in newer versions of Gtk/Gdk, but if not we’d have to provide some pretty hacky solutions to fix it.

yes, i have two monitors. i may only have had one plugged in when i first got it working in mypaint

I was unable to reproduce the problem with my Wacom 13HD and Intous PTH-651 in Windows 10.

Could you set your video as unlisted so we can see it? Right now it’s set to private which prevents us from seeing it.

I’ve set the video to unlisted so you should be able to see what’s going on. My graphics tablet works fine with everything else, e.g. Handwriting, Inkscape and Crete

It’s a duplicate of #1052. Changing how windows handles DPI for the application fixes the problem.

Alright, hopefully that will no longer be necessary in 2.1.0, but at least there is a workaround.