Mypaint and tablet screen memorisation on Linux

Some questions to ask yourself before you post your Feature Request:
Krita or Pencil2D, both can memorize the last used screen on Linux, on a multi-screen system. This is a convenient feature when using a graphic tablet including screen. I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 20.

That’s not a vital feature, has that’s easy to move from main screen to tablet screen, and it can be annoying if the application start on this screen when it is off. (on xfce can be easily grabbed and moved with left-alt + left mouse button (even without seeing it).

Beside, MyPaint works very fine with it, and I’m really happy of this. I will try to post some arts done with it. I used the 2D animation software Pencil2D, that works fine with it. One of contributor is currently adding libmypaint features including Deevad brushset and it works pretty well too :). I is very limited in regard of MyPaint, for drawing features and image manipulation, as it’s main goal is animation, but both software can be used together in a workflow. I will probably made another thread about this…

I would also like to have that feature.


It seems that mypaint already remembers the position and size (settings.json > workspace.layout > position) but it seems to ignore that and even reset it if mypaint is quit while being maximized. Maybe this should be treated as a bug?

I currently use a simple rule in openbox to always open mypaint on my “main” monitor because of this. Maybe the same thing can be done in xfce?

In my case, it open on the main monitor, but it should be better on the monitor tablet.
Workspaces are not monitor, these are two distinct features in X11. I just have the problem with xinput_ calibrator, that has the notion of workspace, but not from monitor, and can’t be displayed then on tablet screen. (I just think during this writing, that I can use the tablet as mirror (happily the resolutions are the same), to be able to calibrate the stylus ! :smiley: ).