Mypaint 2.0 alpha, Color management

  • mypaint 1.0 users
  • windows 10
  • Monitors 27x27 Dual
  • intuos3 12x19

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At 2.0 alpha only saturation seems to be low.
Is this a bug or an intended function?
Or is Windows alone the problem?

All display filters are normal.

ps. For dual monitors, if the monitor resolution is the same, the tablet coordinates will be recognized normally.(Windows 10)

Hello, I think this is due to the new handling of colour. Try switching the layer mode to “Pigment” (or the Korean equivalent, if it has been translated).

I’m not sure whether this is intended behaviour or not. @briend would be the person to ask about it.

Thank you for answer.
I understood that the “Pigment” is equal to the normal of 1.0.
But I think this confuses format version compatibility.