MyPaint 1.0 actually works with Microsoft Surface Devices?

Hey, so I tried bringing this up on twitter (I was @nerdgasrnz talking to @MyPaintApp) but I’m sorry if I didn’t give enough info in the few tweets I had. Basically, concerning this issue: I’m not sure if this was relevant information, or if this would aid in MyPaint’s development and bugfixes, and I was afraid of mentioning it on GitHub for placing this information in the wrong area.

I’ve been drawing with MyPaint 1.0 (32-bit) on a Microsoft Surface 3 (not pro) with Windows 10 (64-bit.) I also have Wintab drivers installed so that I can use the surface stylus with it and my other drawing software. And it does get the Surface 3 and 4 stylus to work properly. I tried this on a whim one day and it just… worked? It was very weird, but I was very excited so I just ran with it ever since.

I know that development or issue tracking for 1.0 isn’t supported (hence why I’m talking about it here), but I can’t test the later versions of MyPaint on my Surface because they’re virtually unusable. However MyPaint 1.0 has pressure sensitivity, and works for me, so I’ve been using it to make art on my surface. (It’s still my favorite painting software, after all)
However, versions of MyPaint after 1.0 don’t work on this device. I’ve tried from tumagonx’s 1.1 builds all the way up to the latest 1.2 builds (including the builds with the supposed Surface fix- didn’t work for me, but I’ll report on that another time on GitHub)

So like I asked on twitter: is this information at all helpful in resolving mypaint 1.3+'s Pressure Issues? I know it’s mostly a GTK+ error, but I really don’t think this information about the pen pressure working in an older version of MyPaint/GTK on the Microsoft Surface should go unnoticed. And to be completely honest: GNOME’s bug tracking website confuses me with it’s user interface and I’m not sure if I want to waste my or anyone else’s time trying to figure out how to do that just to file or echo a report that’s already been made.

But anyways, related to that note: Has MyPaint always been developed with GTK? And is there a possibility of MyPaint being developed with a different code, such as the same one Krita uses? Or is there legal stuff in the GNU license that I don’t know about that’s the answer to that question? Would that be considered a fork software?

Have you actually tried the alpha builds?

Your right to point out that it’s mainly a issue with GTK/GDK cause we rely on them for talking to graphic tablets. The big difference between the two is that version 1.0 uses GTK2 and the new builds use GTK3.

We always need help with diagnosing problems. What you can do is file a bug with the GTK developers and @achadwick (one of the mian developers on MyPaint) could help you since he keeps and eye on graphic tablet issues with GTK/GDK. With our latest alpha builds that @briend mentioned, they do have tools built in for us to test tablet issues. It can be a tedious process, but the gtk devs should be able to help you better than we can.

To answer your last two questions, yes MyPaint has always used GTK for device support and the interface. Also I highly doubt we’ll ever switch to QT(what krita uses) since it would be a huge overhaul and we would basically have to retool everything. Krita dose have support for our brushes engine. So if the brush engine is what you like about MyPaint, you could use it instead, unless of course it too much of a resource hog…

I would stick around for trying to help us diagnose and fix the pen problem on 3rd and 4th Gen Surface tablets. Cause it not only effects those two generations, but also any tablet that will use n-trig hardware, and possibly windows ink for newer laptops.

Oh goodness, thank you so much: the pressure actually works! I had no idea where to find these alpha builds, I’ve been checking Github for updates for a long while. I appreciate your help and patience!

I feel like this info about the alpha builds available for testing should be posted on the front page, as the last bit of info posted there was like… almost a year ago.(About libmypaint 1.3.0, which was in December 2016)

I just don’t want mypaint to fall into obscurity just because the front page says “2016” on it’s latest post, you know?

I also use mypaint 1.0 for drawing and painting on the surface pro 3 and it works pretty well in combination with touch key a free on screen shortcut maker. However the latest official build and alpha builds have serious brush lag, thus the reason I still use the old version. I like how mypaint just let’s me get right into sketching. Much like mischief but with better pressure control and brushes.

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I do have the information about our windows alpha builds at

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