My use of mypaint creating waves

My first wave created with v1.0 using a Wacom Intuos 3 pad


WOW that is awesome!!
i’d like to see a process of how this is done! (it know it’s probably too late now, but u know, for future reference xD)

Thank you. I have done several wave pictures. I have just set up a video record of the desktop. I shall post a recording. The mypaint brushes are so versatile. I usually paint in oils. See

I just love painting waves. There are some really good references on the south coast of England and my favorite spot is Winspit in Dorset. A dis-used limestone quarry that has waves bouncing off the cliffs. In winter they are back lit so make excellent colours and shapes. Here is another one that I painted using mypaint. (the only art package that I use and love).