My preferred use of mypaint is

This shows how I like to use mypaint

With all the controls on my laptop and the canvas area on a blank screen for the painting to be applied to.

The only way I have found to do this is;
mypaint v1.1
Zorin v9 Ultimate
with AWN window manager set to MacOS look using the App Menu applet

If there is any other way to achieve this I have yet to find it.

i dont know if mypaint is able to split off the controls , but on my windows7 laptop it is easy to plug in a second monitor and to instruct windows to expand the desktop to both screens , so i can have different program-windows on each monitor . you would only need the mypaint-ability to show the controls of mypaint in seperate windows .
i havent found the possibility to split off the controls yet . and in windows it isnt a good solution to push over the mypaint-windows partly to the other sreen to cut out the controlsview . nope , not yet .
:slight_smile: carypt

It was possible to drag the panels (like the brush groups or the color wheels) away from the sidebar, and they turned into floating windows. However there is a nasty bug on Windows with those floating panels, so this feature is disabled for now :\

Well, that’s not all controls, but I guess floating panels is close to what you want?

I don’t use Windows only linux.
Much as I like the later versions of mypaint, only v1.1 allows separate brush, colour, layers dialog to be separate with full screen having no task bar and no system bar.
The ideal for me would be to have a full screen with no top and bottom bars but on the later versions, the colour, brush and layers windows cannot be displayed at the same time.
Being able to have the menu on a separate display seems to require a feature that can only be found on an older version of the AWN window manager.
Mypaint is a wonderful program when exploiting the versatility of custom brushes and doing demonstration paintings in light. Using a projector as the second monitor is perfect.

nothing against linux and i understand your wish to use with separate windows on different screens , wich is a good idea .
well , i cant help . but we both can hope , a undock-menues-feature will be added to mypaint , please :slight_smile:
you might formulate a wish to the programmer . maybe in feature request area .

I don’t know much about UI programming myself. But maybe it’s easier to think the other way around: Undockable Canvas! This should be possible. In fact the scratchpad is very similar: A (second) floating canvas… The navigator also mirrors the canvas. So cloning the canvas into a dock panel may be possible…

(well, there is still the windows bug that prevents floating dock panels, right now)