My pen pressurs not working

salveta peeps, im having trouble with pen pressur, well . . its not working at all. i have a feeling its the pen im using and not mypaint. i’ll try and put the link to what pen im using in here (be my first time doing that)
My pen pressur also didnt work on krita when i was using it as my main.
is thare a way i could run a test on mypaint to see if it really is my pen? and if so how?

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(idk if that link will work, if it doesnt pls help me on how to put one up ty)

any help is velcome! :3, thank you

With MyPaint, on the top bar under Help > Debug > Test Input Device will pop up a window to see if MyPaint can see the pen. You should see data in that window which will tell you motion events, pressure, and tilt if it supports. If nothing is displaying there, then MyPaint cannot see the pen. In most cases, if the pen support windows ink API, it should just work. If the pen is not working in Krita, then you are probably looking at a driver issue on Windows if you are using that. It could also be using a protocol that isn’t compatible with either project. Not much form me to suggest, but good luck and let us know if you find out anything on your end.

Ya even I was facing this issue but then I restart my pc and the problem was fix