My old works

Hey guys,

Alright! After a long time I got my hands on the latest version of mypaint.
I was using an older version of centos7 till now, which don’t support gtk3.
Finally upgraded my os and got on to the latest version of mypaint.

Had a couple of issue with oxygen theme and got that fixed on github. Thanks to @achadwick.

I will try to post my latest works here…
Before that some of my old works done in mypaint… All of them are image studies.

Please feel free to comment.


I’m impressed. :slight_smile:

Did you draw all the EAN codes?

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No no… :slight_smile: They are photobashed in krita.
I am sure I will go crazy If I try to draw that :stuck_out_tongue:
Except that everything is painted though!
The text on the newspaper and the bill behind the glasses are also drawn… :smile:
Here is a small gif I made of the process.


Love the shoes painting and the details. Looks so real. :heart_exclamation:
But maybe you should pay attention to the blur area to make it more real! Keep it up!

This is amazing! Great work! o/

It really very amazing.