Moving characters, you say?

hello everyone ^^
my name is Reem and i’m a Saudi character designer!
here’s my portfolio site:

I’ve been using mypaint for years, mostly with a Wacom Intuos4, but last year I’ve managed to afford a Cintiq, and i love them to bits. if i could add arabic text easily in MyPaint i wouldn’t need photoshop at all lmao

this is something i made on MyPaint + Live2d Cubism (

when i can post more pictures i’ll add some sketches and panels from my comic ^^

so nice to see a community around this wonderful program ^^!


Love this. Really good. Especially the hair movement at both sides of the head. Looks 3D.

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hey @jumiclads ! thanks for the encouragement!
yeah that’s the program’s main function, to make 2d art look 3d, they call it live2d XD
the size limit in this forum doesn’t allow for much, but here’s another sample. the art is 100% on mypaint:

heres a link cause it wont let me upload it here

and a sample of a webcomic i’m working on:

You’ve peeked my interest. I love everything about your artwork and I’m very much interested in learning about live 2D, I’m impressed

@Reem lol, I need to know how to use live2D, are there any tuts on this 0.0?

Very good again. I wish I could draw anything never mind like that. LOL


sure thing friend!
they have an official user guide, if it’s in japanese don’t worry they’re in the process of translating it. otherwise, here’s a thread on how to layer up your character!
there are tutorials on youtube, too, official and otherwise

if you’re on the road to getting it done, you’ll get there eventually :grinning: just keep doing it and you’ll be better than me in no time!

thanks for all the good vibes! here’s a bunch of sketches just so it doesn’t look like all my work is live2d lmao

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@Reem much thanks!!!