Mouse Pointer Vanishes

MyPaint version: Version 2.0.1+git.478280f2
OS: Windows 10

I would like to fill an empty palette slot by picking a color. So I double click my slot to open the “Color details” window. There I can find a color picker tool (refered as “eyedropper” here), which should be very convinient for that task. Unfortunately, the mouse pointer disappears at the moment I click the eydropper button. This prevents me from selecting my color. So the task cannot be done.

I can confirm that the picker cursor is not visible in Windows for either 1.2.1 or 2.0.(0/1), when triggered from a dialog window.
It is visible in 1.2.0 (and works fine on linux for all versions).
Another way to test this is to click the button to the right of the “current brush color” in the footer bar.

It seems the color picker button to the left of the color in the footer bar also stopped working on Windows in the 1.2.1 release.

You can still select a color from the screen, but it’s obviously not very practical when you can’t see the cursor.

You can still use the color picker for changing the current color if you press and hold the R-button. Hover over the color you wish and then release the button. There’s no need to “touch” the color with your pen or click it with your mouse. It’s at least a workaround for not being able to use the color picker directly. However, that workaround just works for changing the current color not for getting one to use it with a palette. Yes you’re right. The picker itself works. But from where will you get your color if you’re not able to see the cursor? I just want you to know this bug.

Still MyPaint is a great piece of software. Thank you very much for making it!

Meanwhile, I also found a relatively easy workaround to create a color palette using colors of the loaded picture:

First you’ve to configure a shortcut for the function “Add Color to Palette”:

  • Menu “Edit”
  • Edit preferences
  • “Keys” tab
  • Search the keyboard mapping for “Add Color to Palette”
  • Remember the key combination to use that functionality or create a new one.
  • Apply the new settings with the OK-Button.

Then you’re able to add a new color to your palette easily:

  • Select your desired color with the R-button trick I previousely described.
  • Add this color to your palette using your shortcut for “Add Color to Palette”
    That’s all, folks!

Nevertheless, it would be great if there’s a way to get rid of the color picker bug.

Absolutely, I didn’t mean to suggest that this isn’t a bug. It’s a bug that’s been there, seemingly unnoticed, for more than three years! The problem with windows bugs is that we don’t have any windows-using developers at the moment, so non-critical windows-only bugs are mostly left in the backlog.

Thank you for providing the workaround!

Sorry, I didn’t know.

Nevertheless, I guess I’ll keep reporting windows version bugs, if I should find more. Only if you know of them you someday can get rid of them. :slight_smile: