Monitor 4k - icons very small


I’m from Brasil - sorry for my Bad English

Recently I bought the Tablet Huion H1161. I use Windows 10 with 2 monitors 32" x 4K (LG 32UD59). The icons (the brushes, for example) are so, so, so small (very hard to see). Is there any way to configure MyPaint to increase the size of the icons ???

The option “Large (requires recent GTK3)” it’s checked, but the size os icons still small

I did not understand GTK3… I went to The GTK Project - A free and open-source cross-platform widget toolkit, installed MSYS2 and “GTK from MSYS2 packages” but MyPaint still with small icons

MyPaint version: v2.0.1
Windows 10 #1099


You never have to install MSYS2 separately to run MyPaint, unless you want to build it yourself. The parts of MSYS2 that are needed are bundled in the installer (and standalone archives).

Unfortunately there is no setting in the preferences to handle high-dpi monitors, but there is a workaround.

You can tell Gtk/Gdk to use a different dpi scaling by setting the environment variable GDK_SCALE to an appropriate integer (fractions are not supported), in this case 2.

To do this, open notepad as an administrator, enter



and save that file as C:\Program Files\mypaint-git-w64\mypaint-double-dpi.bat

If you now run that file instead of mypaint.exe (and change your shortcuts so they point to that file), the gui should be scaled better for a 4k monitor.

If you didn’t use the installer, and instead extracted a standalone archive, the procedure is the same except for the location of the .bat file (the location would be wherever the extracted archive is located, in the same folder as mypaint.exe), and that you wouldn’t have to run notepad as an administrator.

Edit: Corrected variable syntax based on toniw’s suggestion. I’m pretty sure I tried it with the equals sign first (closer to the shell syntax I’m used to) but that it didn’t work. Might have been something else…

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I formated my PC… (in fact I needed it, because the new build 2004)

I extracted a standalone archive mypaint-w64-2.0.1-standalone.7z, so the files are on:

I try the .BAT, but open MyPaint without changes…
I put a PAUSE in the end of the BAT:


and I get the msgs:

C:\MyPaint>set GDK_SCALE 3
Variável de ambiente GDK_SCALE 3 não definida
*(something like: Environment variable GDK_SCALE 3 not defined)*
Pressione qualquer tecla para continuar. . .
*(something like: press any key to continue...)*

I still need your help…

i think that should be:


(missing “=” after the variable name)

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Solved… Thanks for all…

But another problem… now its a little big!!!

As jpll said, I can use just a integer number…
it would be perfect if I could use 1.5 instead 2, but I cant

There is an open issue about this, maybe someday somebody will implement this in gtk :slight_smile:
Sadly, there is nothing that mypaint can do about this afaik.

Thanks again for all…
Another way that was good:

Use the .BAT File and in the Preference Menu put Small Icon Size

Both are good!!!

On Windows, you could try this…

You can change the “Properties” of the shortcut or the application’s “.exe” file by right clicking them.

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Thanks a lot for this other solution…

Good results with this way

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