Misty question

New to my paint am attempting a snow scene with distant trees and mountain shrouded by mist.
Question: How do you create the mist effect. Thanks in advance.

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Hmm, airbrush? I am far from an expert though. I tend to focus on figures.

First, thanks for responding.
The only airbrush I am aware of is the physical one my daughter had it resembled a miniature spray gun. .
I don’t think it would be a good idea to use one on DIGITAL art, it would do screen no good at all.
I have only found on brush boxes/selections what resembles a spray can and will be trying that out.

This is the tool I mean. Heh, yeah, actual airbrush plus screen equals, “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

Thanks works ok. New to digital my usual art is oils but even slight smell of paint the wife can’t stand it gets sore throat. I should have started by trying each of the brushes first,. Some like the arbrush no name in box and getting title of un named is pain they don’t always show. Getting my computer minded son to check it out if he csn doit it remotely I’m running it from/through my Acer laptop.
Next lesson layers how to create each layer say for say five mountain ranges from far to near so far no luck create one layer added distant mountains tried second layer and lost first. I’ll keep at it. Now why am I gonna have a bad time will I get punished if its not right​:grin::grin: