Missing cursor when hovering with a Trust Flex tablet in Ubuntu 16.04

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@Vilja.Vaisanen wrote

I’m using MyPaint on Ubuntu with a Trust Flex tablet. I just updated both system and MyPaint (16.04 and 1.2.0). The changes look great and the pen pressure works just fine, but when using the pen I can’t see the pointer until I press it to the tablet. This is a big problem, obviously… It isn’t a feature, I hope?

No, it’s not a feature.

Do you get the same behaviour in gtk3-demo → Drawing Area (double click to launch) → Scribble Area? Install the gtk-3-examples package before trying this.

Do you get the same problem in GIMP? Which version of GIMP?

I took another look and it seems this is a problem between Ubuntu and the Flex tablet, since the cursor doesn’t appear with any other app, either, though touching it to the tablet still functions like a click. Sorry for bringing it up with you, seems like it’s nothing to do with MyPaint!

And, who is that fixed?
I have the same problem and not found a solution yet :frowning:

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Hi there - similar issue here.
Everything works alright with the mouse.
I’ve got the same problem - but it is related to the pen.
The cursor disappears when I hover over the tablet with the pen.
I can’t draw properly as I don’t see where the pen is actually going - but it does draw if it touches the tablet.
Does not happen with GIMP. I can see the pen hovering.
Device is a Waltop Slim 12.1" tablet. (ID 172f:0034).
Ubuntu is 16.04 LTS, stock drivers out of the box.

This started when doing a new clean install for Ubuntu.
It was working properly with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and MyPaint of that version.

Any ideas of how to circumvent this?

I’m having the same issue. pen works but no indicator on hover. mouse works fine.

It’s probably not a myPaint problem but has anyone found a solution? For this?

Using Ubuntu 16.4 ugee tablet