Minimum stroke length when using Wacom Intuos

Description of the Problem, or Question?

When I use the pen on the tablet, there is a minimum amount the pen needs to move before the line
appears on screen. How do I disable it? There is no minimum length when I use the mouse.

I have attached a screenshot below, it looks like a feature and not a bug.

I am planning to use MyPaint for writing as a virtual whiteboard. When I write small letters like “e” with the pen, it
does not show up on the screen because the entire character is within the circle.

Pressing the right click button does something and I can write it, but its kinda awkward to keep pressing the button.

How do I disable this feature?

Basic System Details

MyPaint version: 2.0.1

Operating System + Version: Windows 10

Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet: Wacom Intuos

Please Tell Us How to Reproduce the Problem in Steps.

Apparently, launching mypaint without having wacom intuos app running causes the pressure sensor to malfunction
which causes this circle to appear for some reason. This must be a bug.