Mega Menu to sort by type within brush set

I would like to add headlines inside a brush set and sort the brushes under each headline.

So you could divide up a brush set into a grid/table like spacing and type text like Thick Brushes, or smudging or textured etc

true we can cycle between brush sets that each have these. but id like it all under one mega set.
just like how megadropdown menus work for webdesign see

id be happy to create an example picture of what i have in mind if you like

Illustrations are always helpful. Even though I’ve seen the type of menu you’re talking about, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it called by that name. Adding that extra bit of data to the sets can be done easily and backwards compatible. Creating a good user interface for managing these subsets would be (as it almost always is) the tricky part.

k ill make a mock version of what I have in mind.
for now see these for inspiration:
I also like the metro style of this one:

would also be neat to press a key or something while mega menu up to see shortcut keys you’ve assigned to each brush as well as a way to efit key from there

i could also use this ability to space out and label the color palette too just as much so.

I can’t emphasize how much easier this would make things for me overall. I depend a lot on being able to swap out brushes often to hone a unique or desired style.

what language would this be coded in? python, can you make a software like mypaint using multiple languages

i was also thinking of adding pagination to each brush zone (a zone = mojo rectangle). so you could fit like 24 per box/zone (depending on it’s size. A zone expanded to only hold a single row of brushes could hold only 12 brushes.)
maybe the pagination could be for an entire column as well (holding two zones or three (illustration i made only fits two zone).
the + button is for starting a new zone, an input field would pop for you to type what you want in that zone, and then you can beging dragging brushes you want.

currently when pressing b key it cycles through brushes with each additional press.
I’d assign b to cycle through the mega menus i’ve created instead.
i’d have one mega menu for softer brushes, markers soft blending and another for charcoals, rough brushes, and rougher blending
i just think having this amount of sorting spacing + mapping out things helps a lot.
currently when i cycle through brushes I have to press B too often.

color palettes would benefit too from having this level of organization

The gui is written in Python* using Gtk’s GObject introspection bindings via pygobject.

* (and xml/glade, but this code would be all python)

Nice mockups, but what are those three rows to the right side of the zones?

i got a bit lazy with them they are not supposed to stick outside
They’re there to show that maybe they could hold 5 brushes instead of 4 and that you can adjust/expand a zone to be a single row instead of 2 , 3 , or 4 rows tall.