Making it easier to to view dockable window

so I would like to be able to place a dockable window in behind another dockable (thanks to the tab system)

and press a key to view it whilst keeping it where I dragged it, at the tabbed location.
then repress same key to go to previous tab I was at.

right now it’s being buggy, maybe I did a bad install or something. but it’s just either popping in a new area or not appearing at all.

idea: could also have a check box to have a window appear next to where cursor is located.

There already is a key mapping option for a color picker at cursor position:

It even lets you cycle the different pickers and remembers the one you used lastly. Is that what you meant?

The one you are using just enables/disable the dockable selector. It may reappear at the bottom position instead of where it last was but I dont think it behaves buggy.

for pressing C maybe being able to select which it cycles between would be nice. as well as in what order.

as for the other part. Id just prefer it not appear on the bottom. it also removes it from where you had it tabbed at.
mine is buggy though because sometimes it appears for a split second then disapears.

So it seems the issue here is more the fact that tabs don’t remember where they were last attached (or if they were floating). The layout is only stored for open tabs and once a tab is closed it has no notion of where it was last. This has annoyed me as well, though not for color selectors.

I don’t know if the current behavior is there by design, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to implement toggleable panel/tab memory. There are some ambiguities in how to decide on location and resolve conflicts when other tabs/panels have been hidden/revealed/moved in between some particular tab being hidden and re-revealed. That additional complexity might be why this hasn’t been addressed before.

cool any chance this could appear here:
so that this can become an area of focus

I’d also like if when returning to a paintbrush, that it kept the last changes made (for that session only). maybe double clicking would return to default.

The ubuntu project page has, as far as I know, never been used to track features or milestones. It was only used to make it easier for launchpad/ubuntu users to report bugs.

For a single session that should be easy to implement. There is already a way to restore a brush after modifying it, with Brush -> Reload Brush Settings, but using double click on the icons sounds like a nice quality-of-life improvement when not using a keyboard.