Make Sure Discourse is Compatible to our Code of Conduct and Licensing Policy

I just want to double check to make sure that our Community TOS, FAQ, and Privacy Policy is Compatible to our Code of Conduct and our Licensing Policy. Let me know your thoughts in your replies below.

Okay @achadwick and I have been going back and forth about the NSFW category on our Discourse site. After reading the issue thread in the link above, what are your guy’s thoughts? Should we keep the NSFW category but limit it? Or do we just outright ban it and not allow NSFW content on our Community Forums. There really no right or wrong answer, I would just like to know what is your consensus on this.

I did update our TOS, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines for our site. If you guys have any questions about the them, please leave reply here or leave a comment in the GitHub issue linked above.