Make Pick Stroke and Layer Tool In a Way More Constrasted

My DE is:

  • Operating System: GNU-Linux, Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.2 - Gnome 3.10
  • MyPaint Version (1.3.0-alpha+git.f31a4be)

In my DE, is very difficult to see when effectively the key is working, mainly with thin strokes on scratchpad area.

mypaint has a more layer effects now, and those strokemap entries contain colour info. I wonder whether we could intensify the stroke’s colour when making the overlay shape, then apply it in an invert-y mode like Difference.

There’s not much scope for changing the shape you see blink on the screen.

Here’s what the overlay is currently made to contain. The source array is 1 bit deep with zeros or ones, the output rgba array uses MyPaint’s internal fix15 representation where numbers are stored between 0 and 2^15 inclusive. This is where colour information could be sent.

It’s called by the following code, which also makes the temporary overlay layer. This is where a mode could be set:

Perhaps this approach is better. The great difficulty, for me, is to see the thin strokes, mainly black, when they are selected/copied.
I did a simple test with a layer where different strokes (colors and widths). Copied this in two layers and I’ve applied Overlay and Difference respectively. When I hidden the original strokes (1st layer)… the contrast is nice… and to black color is also good.