Make a smudge brush out of a paint brush?

As title says, how is it possible to turn a specific paint brush into a smudge tool ? In my library there are many smudge brushes and they all work fine, but is there a way I can edit a paint brush in order to make it like a smudge tool with the same ability? For example, there’s a hard-oil or a splatter brush which is really efficient for painting, but I want them to act like a smudge tool (replicating and/or blurring according to the same pattern I use them to paint)
Lateral example on another program: in Gimp the same brush can be used both for the paint tool and for the smudge tool, I don’t if this help making sense…
My version of MyPaint is 1.0

I just tried and had some success.

Right click on the brush.

I cloned the brush so that I wouldn’t ruin the original.

Right click on the clone and select Edit Brush Settings

Smudge -> Smudge, change the value at the top to 1

Save and you’re done.

There are lots of settings you can edit, so exploring those will probably allow you to get a more sophisticated smudge brush.

Thanks a lot, I didn’t notice the Smudge settings before (“Sfuma” in the italian version). Works like a charm.

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