Lost their character Anti/Dry Bristles with 2.0 Libmypaint


I have a question about libmypaint 2.0.
Every now and then I try out github the newest Masters (MyPaint and Libmypaint )

I noticed that I can no longer use some brushes (1.4 libmypaint)
since you have lost their character, e.g. Anti/Dry Bristles or Tone/Wet Oil Flexible Brush 2

With the official launch of Libmypaint 2.0, this means that some brushes are no longer needed as they are currently set ?

Lg peter

The engine now compensates for the zoom-level so that brushes that use the speed inputs can be consistent when zoomed in 300% or zoomed out to 10%. The Anti/Dry Bristles brush uses these inputs in a very dramatic way by changing jitter and opacity when you move the cursor more quickly. Unfortunately this will require some tuning to get back to the original behavior. There didn’t seem to be any good way to preserve the original behavior unless we assumed everyone was using 100% zoom all the time (and thus we’d still break the 50% crowd and the crazy 10% zoom crowd). Going forward we’re trying to version the brushes to avoid some of this, but that won’t help personal or 3rd party brush packs much. On the bright side we’re getting more features so we’ll probably want to revisit/modify a lot of the brushes to make them better anyway :slight_smile:

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Hello briend
Thanks for your quick reply

Now I know what it is, it also helps me .
Your development and the other future options we already an enrichment for “Mypaint” be.
Keep up the good work, thank you