Looking for another SMTP Service

Just a heads up for you all, I had to disable email notifications temporary, cause we were reaching our free limit with mailgun. I don’t mind paying for the email, but I would like to find better pricing than what Mailgun provides. Plus I need to coordinate with @achadwick since the domain name is under his care. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know here.

Amazon SES is priced at 1$ per 10000 emails, or (as of writing) 62000 free emails/month when run from an ec2 instance. Apparently it can be trickier to set up than other offers, but I don’t know where the bar is.

If configurable, one could also maybe distribute the load using sendgrid’s 100 free emails/day, which could up the current cap by 30% (in theory, in practice it would be lower). Probably more trouble than it’s worth though.

I would not mind chipping in 10$ a year or so, for the convenience of email notifications.

I re-enabled notification emails again. I still need to look into a new smtp service, but for now it’s enabled.

personally, i appreciate being notified about new messages for topics i have contributed.

but what is necessary to me, is that the registration and password reminder work correctly.
i’m not sure that you will get much traffic before of those emails…

now, i’m not sure that this forum allows to select which emails can be sent…

Email notifications are helpful, especially since one may not check the forums every day. Some other services include:

Alibaba directmail

Other possible options are:

Note that the basic Discourse install just requires an existing email account, instructions here - not sure how many notifications are sent per day and what else would be useful, but this will likely determine what providers might be suitable.