Linux CLI Tips: Automation

Hello World! For quite a while, I have been compiling alphas/betas of MyPaint. Since I am approaching my 19th year of Linux experiences, I am used to writing shortcuts. For today’s post in MyPaint community, I am going to reveal my BASH aliases that I use via command-line interface (CLI).
Filename: ~/.bash_aliases

alias mpls='cd ~/git/libmypaint;git remote -v update;cd ~'
alias mps='cd ~/git/mypaint;git remote -v update;cd ~'
alias mpv='awk '\''/MYPAINT_VERSION_CEREMONIAL=/{print }'\'' ~/git/mypaint/mypaint'
alias um='cd ~/git/mypaint;scons --clean;git pull;git submodule update --init --force;scons;sudo scons prefix=/usr/local install;cd ~'
alias uml='cd ~/git/libmypaint;make clean;git pull;make;sudo make install;sudo ldconfig;cd ~'

What My BASH Aliases Do

  • mps: Checks MyPaint’s status from GitHub
  • um: Updates MyPaint
  • mpls: Checks MyPaint Library’s status from GitHub
  • uml: Updates MyPaint Library
  • mpv: Shows what version MyPaint is

My Final Notes
Though I am a veteran software developer, now in the retirement phases, I was never good at writing documentation. My BASH aliases may fail to those that have little or no Linux CLI skills, as many things are presumed and not posted. I only recommend use of my BASH aliases to more advanced users and/or to those that want to simplify typing in the command line. (I got arthritis in my hands, so I use a lot of BASH aliases and shortcut scripts.)

Feel Free to ReWrite my Post(s) for those that do not understand my Linux-oriented posts. Thank you!

Oh, I am still a New User here, so I cannot have more than two (2) links in a post. However, I will always be a New User here, because I don’t normally post here. I just figure my BASH aliases might be useful to others.

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