Liblo (adding open sound control) - mobile interface to mp

Hi all,

A while ago I interfaced mypaint with a themerin using open sound control protocol*. Since then mypaint have evolve and now my hackish experiment doesn’t work anymore. I am at it right now using the git master branch and part of it is working, for example I can change the radius, colour and set the brush using my smartphone (with a free open sound control application connecting to mypaint listening on udp://mypaintip:9997).

Right now the implementation is in CanvasController, but before (in 2013) I was able to make a call to model.stroke_to(); from within this class - nor anymore in the master branch.

Looking for advice, where is the best place to interface mypaint? For example, I want to control mypaint in the following manner:

  • stroke_to (possible to specify a layer & use another stroke_to on different layer)
  • zoom view mode (possible to remove the cursor?)
  • layer mode (multiple, screen)
  • pick a background

I think it might be a good thing to have a touchscreen interface to control mypaint using standard UI (sliders, buttons, x-y pad, colour wheel) on a cheap tablet. Anyone willing to tackle this or help me?