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hey there am new here and i want to know how to start drawing

It depends on what you mean by “start drawing”. Do you have any background in traditional art? If not, I would suggest starting with the building blocks of drawing: basic forms (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder), basic perspective, then drawing complex forms through construction, and finally studying the mechanics of rendering, mainly the properties of light and shadow and how they interact. It will help you create more realistic or at least believable work. When that is done, study anatomy, and study it lots.The basics I mentioned can be found online at places like drawabox.com. When you have that thoroughly practiced, study the works of Andrew Loomis, to lean construction of the head, and figure. If possible, attend a life drawing class, and if you can’t, the book Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton should help you learn the same principles. For studying light, shadow and rendering, the book How To Render by Scott Robertson is a wonderful resource.

If you are talking about how to draw purely digitally, you’ll have to be a bit more specific. Many, if not all of the principles of traditional drawing carry over to digital, but there are some adjustments to be made. I’ll help you out if I can if you can provide a bit more info on what exactly you are struggling with.