Key assign QOL improvement

hover or long click on an icon (brush tool, line tool , ellipse tool. fill tool etc) and let me assign key that way… that or improve the edit preference key assigning. so you can see what icons you assign keys to.

i press r to pick a color and want to return to my brush but do not know what line the brush tool is…
i just find it hard/time consuming to search through the descriptions.

if you ever played diablo 2 you can open the skills drop down menu and simply hover your mice over the skill icon and press the key you want to assign to it.
something like this would be really helpful.

i found it the location (description starts with “paint mode” text). but it just has a bad first impression.
would be better if there was lines to really make these stand out in the many lines of keys to read through.

Back when MyPaint was using GTK2 we were able to do that, but with the GTK3 and GTK4 I believe they removed the classes that allow that function. So since MyPaint is a community project, we are limited to whatever GTK and python3 offers sadly. So unless there’s documentation that allows this function or someone willing to extend and support this in GTK4, our hands are tied.