Isolate/Preview Layers in MyPaint?

Sometimes the (remarkably useful!) momentarily single-layer visualization while selecting a layer is a bit too short. Sometimes because the layer contents may be somewhat messier and therefore harder to make sense of what you’re looking for, and sometimes because a higher CPU load from some other process effectively reduces the time the layer is shown. Ideally one wouldn’t be drawing/painting under the latter condition, but some planning can take place while waiting for the other processes to finish what they’re doing.

Not being a developer myself, I don’t know how challenging would be to implement it. I’m hoping it would be quite trivial. Actually, I noticed right now it effectively already exists when changing the layers through page-up or page-down. So, while it’s then borderline unnecessary, perhaps even more trivial than I thought, and still makes the interface a bit handier, making it a nice addition to have if it would be absurdly easy, when someone doesn’t feel like doing anything more important.

Actually, MyPaint can do this. If you pressed the Home key on the keyboard, it should isolate the layer and only show that layer. If the shortcut dosen’t work, it’s called “layer solo” under the “keys” tab in Preferences.

Thanks/sorry. Somehow I missed this even though I tried to check if something closer to that already existed.

It’s okay. Just be sure to next time. Anyways, I’ve moved this thread to the User Support category, and I’ll probably change the title to make it easier to search for, or merge it with a thread that already talks about the subject.