Is MyPaint still alive?

it’s been 2 years since the last update… I rlly liked this app, I would like to know if it is still receiving support or updates.


Sort of? The developer was working on an ipad painting program at the moment. I’m doing some slight functional stuff on the side with my paint as well as creating art. It’s a really useful program, I don’t think it will “need” that much update at this stage because functions are more or less complete

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Yes, MyPaint is pretty much alive and this community is very active. Personally, I do not think updates are required at this stage. It is already offering a lot more convenience for users.


I totally agree, the best program for digital painting


I think that as long as there’s artists who can program using it then it will be alive. It’s still my favorite art program and I’m still alive, so it’s still alive. I feel that even in its most current state it’s great, but there’s a number of quality of life things that have been left untouched for years. I want to take on whatever I end up able to (my period of contributing will likely be short or spotty at best since coding is purely a hobby for me), but I’m not officially a contributor and I know people are busy so it’s going to be a bit before anything happens I think.

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thank you for those words. It’s still my favorite art program too

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Still no transform tool, which makes a very good software next to useless for creating assets or even just bringing in references.

Export layer to another app still doesn’t work properly on windows. (and is not a good replacement for the transform tool)
Mypaint can still fail to save at times.

My paint can also lose mouse functionality from time to time.

It’s just a few features away from being a fantastic alternative for professional use. And it can always use more, like warp transform for texturing.

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its the best out there, eccept from my flood fill that does not seem to work…

thats my artpaint :slight_smile: