Is it possible to change secondary colors of the Pointillism brush?

Hi, how can I select secondary colors of MyPaint’s “Pointillism” brush? You can only choose a primary color, it seems that selecting secondary colors can’t be controlled by the user and they are always derived from your primary color.

That sounds right. The brush only has one color really, unless you count the smudge color.

It wouldn’t be too crazy to implement a two color brush and perhaps a setting to interpolate between those colors. Say you pick red and green for the colors. Then you could map pressure or stroke or whatever to interpolate between those two colors. Red–>yellow–>green.

Heck if you go that far you could just do a lot more than just two colors. Maybe push the whole color history or palette to the brush and have the setting interpolate between all of those.

Don’t give me these ideas!

I’ve just noticed that there are color parameters in its file “puantilism.myb” I think that you can change secondary colors it picks here, not the colors themselves, but their range in relation to the main color. I don’t know why this is not available in brush’s properties.

Those are the HSL and HSV color settings, and you are correct it is in relation to the main brush color. You should find them in the brush editor, just scroll down on the left panel to the “Color” setting group

Yes, they control its saturation and lightness, but they still don’t affect its colors.