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Hey guys welcome to our new Community forums for MyPaint. Let’s get started by introducing ourselves. If you wish to be a volunteer developer, be sure to introduce yourself to @achadwick on this post, and get acquainted with him as well. I’ll start us off here.

I’m Albert Westra. I’m a Freelance Artist from Spokane, WA. I use MyPaint as my main tool along side Inkscape, GIMP, and Blender. My goal is to become an independent Graphic Novelist and Illustrator while helping other artists use open source software as their main tools. I’m also write for Freedom Penguin were I write Linux Technical Articles and hopefully in 2016 interviews. As the Admin of our community site and web developer for MyPaint.Org it’s nice to meet you all and I look forward chating with you!


Hi, I’m Andrew Ulrich, a programmer in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I like to do occasional digital painting and sketching with Gimp, MyPaint, and even more occasionally Inkscape, and I hope to contribute my coding and design skills someday, just not right now. I am one of those guys that has a latent love for digital art, but so many other loves get in the way that my skills have never developed to a competent point. I look forward to following the great artists in this community, and hopefully learning a few things as I do. I also hope to gradually learn more about the inner workings of the brush engine and the UI as I possibly make these forums a new pastime.

EDIT: This is also the first Discourse community I’ve joined, which I’m glad to be doing. I read about it a long time ago and never really saw it being used on any sites since then. It’ll be fun exploring that in addition to the MyPaint content.

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Jdan-S here, MyPaint user since version 1.0. I’m currently a web content writer/graphic artist based in the Philippines, but I also draw anime/manga style illustrations as a hobby. I use MyPaint for nearly all my works these days, from quick sketches to finished CG illustrations. I also use GIMP, Krita and Blender as part of a recent effort to create art using open-source programs (switched to Linux Mint about a year ago).

For those interested, you can find all my works at I don’t know much about coding or compiling at the moment, but I hope I can still contribute to the project/community through art contributions and by sharing my experience with using MyPaint.

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Hi, I checked out your gallery in deviant art - it is cute. Based on your works, I think you are female, but your profile shows your are male, :D.

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Hello, everyone, Rui Shen here, from China. I am an automation tester and I like programming - my main language is Java, but this seems not help for MyPaint development, :(. I contributed to the Simplified Chinese translations recently for MyPaint 1.2. I have been using MyPaint for about one year and I like portrait drawing. Here is my link on deviant art - . Nice to know you all!

Hi! I am Victoria (or my nickname, Razouru), I am a young artist from Norway who has taken a liking to opensource software. I mostly use MyPaint for my work, but also use Krita, GIMP or MediBang Paint Pro. I have been using MyPaint since the 1.0 ver. My artstyle is rather anime-ish and cartoonish, and is hoping for getting a job involving illustration. I would gladly make tutorials regarding MyPaint and also help those who are new to the art program!

My DA is for those wondering! I’m not that popular as you can see :sweat_smile:


Hi there! Heather L. McCracken here. I’m from the Canadian West Coast and am primarily a digital painter, though I do traditional work as well. I primarily use MyPaint in virtually all of my digital works, only using Gimp to crop & edit the pieces afterwards.

Here’s my link to DeviantART should anyone want to look at my work:

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Hello Mortals! the sound of Thunders and ppl screaming
Im Siahposh,the Goddess of Darkness...since i love to draw and i also love Mypaint you have this opportunity to call me Sima :imp: Im 29 and living in Tehran/Iran, this body which i`ve chosen to host me is working as an Administrative Assistance of a Trading Group and i her free times she draw,write and read-she also loves to eat and i believe she worships pizza- and since we both only using Ubuntu so this Mypaint is the best ever happened to us…we own a Wacom Manga (small) and we both loves Apocalypse,we are self-learning how to do digital art but i believe with your help,we can rule this world MUHAHAHAHA!

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Hi, I’m Nj and I’m currently learning how to create digital art. I mainly use MyPaint for my work, but I also use GIMP for final edits. I run those programs on Ubuntu Studio

Here’s my DeviantArt ^-^ :

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Well, all the cutesy stuff in my gallery would give the impression that the artist was a girl. But yeah, I set my profile to clarify that I am indeed a guy. =p

I’ve seen your works as well through the dA MyPaint club, the photorealistic portraits. Great work on those! I also remember we’ve had a short chat before through comments at dA.

Thank you for praising my works! :smile:

Hello, I can’t remember when I started using MyPaint exactly, But that doesn’t matter because I love this software. I really hope I can contribute to the development of MyPaint in some way going forward, but until then I’ll be here. Hi everyone! :grinning: oh and I have some tuts on youtube. As soon as MyPaint 1.2 is out of it’s beta stage I’ll continue with the tuts:

MyPaint Tutorials

My name is michael, and i use the nickname mikshaw (or mik) in most online interactions, unless i’m hiding from someone.
I’m a semi-professional/freelance illustrator and occasionally dabble in animation, 3D, or scripting (or spend time trying to learn more about these subjects). I switched from Windows to Linux in 2003, and since then have been exploring whatever art-related open source software i could find. I started using MyPaint, according to the date stamps on my earliest ora files, around March 2011, and fell in love with it right away. After using mostly Gimp for painting, it was fantastic to find a simple tool that was focused purely on freehand painting, and doing it well.
As far as the MyPaint project and forum goes, i try to be as helpful as i can be, contributing feedback and assistance when possible, so you should see me hanging around here quite a lot.
i have artish stuff available for viewing at
and some random junk at


My name is Xan, I’m using MyPaint mainly for fun
same as in the old days where you use a pencil and paper to keep your mind from thinking to much

my day’s of freelance illustrator in the music industry are long gone now
today I got more fun in building every “open or free source” program I use in PAF format
and stripping win7 to the bone without losing the stability
it will keep the garbage out and windows optimal

Hello! I’m Brien Dieterle from Arizona, USA. I’m a systems administrator as well as an art student. I helped identify a bug related to tilt and ascension, but other than that I’ve been a lurker and using Mypaint here and there for class work and fun. Thanks for the wonderful software. I have a flickr site here: Mostly traditional but a few Mypaint works as well.

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Hello all folks, greetings from Indonesia! :smile:

My name is Lulu. I’m a freelance artist, art student and a noob programmer. My first time using MyPaint was about 2 months ago, when my old laptop was badly injured and refused to install a fresh copy of Windows. However, it only allowed Ubuntu to stay, just like I was destined to use Ubuntu for the rest of my life.

And when i looked up for a painting software equivalent to Paint Tool SAI, I found that MyPaint is the best candidate, and hell yeah, I’m falling in love with her (?) at the first sight! Now MyPaint is my primary weapon for drawing and painting, alongside with Krita and GIMP :slightly_smiling:

I’m looking forward to get along with all you guys, oh and thanks to @odysseywestra who invited me here. Thanks :smiley:

Oh, and have a look at my gallery if you don’t mind:

I’ve used a mix of mypaint and inkscape for most of my images since 2009. (Before that it was gsumi and sodipodi/inkscape.) I usually ink with hard pixels but give it a potrace pass.

Sometimes I use a little blender and alchemy, but most of my images start and end in mypaint after going through a little inkscape.

I’ve been using MyPaint for a few years now as a quickly doodling tool to lay down ideas in a more traditional look. Currently trying to use only free software to produce my drawings and other graphics related stuff.

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Hi, I’m vidavel. I’m using MyPaint to storyboard my friend’s animated series. I really like MyPaint, and I don’t want to have to leave it, but there’s this bug that keeps the default keybindings in use even after you change or delete a binding. I’m a right-handed drawer, and since ‘clear layer’ is bound to the backspace key, and I’m drawing on a Fujitsu T902, I tend to hit that key with my wrist often. I hit it recently as I was storyboarding and didn’t notice until I’d finished a few more scenes and now I’ve lost a fair bit of data, which really sucks. I’ve come here just to post a bug report because the default ticket text on Github strongly urged me to post it here first, as it is my first time posting a bug report (for MyPaint) on Github. I’d have posted it already, and returned to correcting the hours of work I’m now missing, but as a new user, I can’t post a new topic, yet. What a hassle! I hope that posting a reply to this introductions thread will let me post my bug report and get on with my life, now.

Maybe the issue template could be worded more clearly, but what it says is that feature requests (requests for a new tool or functionality) and support requests (asking for help with something), should not be made in the bugtracker. I think the issue you have identified is definitely a bug, and thus belongs in the bugtracker.

While I’m writing in the introduction thread:

I’m just some lad residing in the frozen desolate backwaters of Scandinavia. I’ve been using open source graphics tools for most of my life, started using MyPaint in 2009 (or thereabouts, maybe a bit earlier) and began helping out on the project in the middle of 2019.

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