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Hi, my name is Zbigg, Iam an architect, I discovered Mypaint ca. 2 years ago and still become a greater fan of this software. I hope to use it for sketches w/my pen tablet /Huion 610Pro/.
Id have a question to developers: present builds: 3.71 lagg /especially x64 build/ a lot on sketching,
this build: 1.2.0-beta.1.113+git.33d1643.dirty had no lags - does it have anything to do w/glib ?
And another issue: once /and only once )) / I ve noticed two devices listed in preferences:

  1. System aggregated pointer
  2. wintab pointer
    Now I can see only System aggregated pointer - is it ok or might have anyth. to do w/lagging?

Hope Mypaint would start to fly soon, as it looks a fantastic tool to me !

PS. Move my post to relevant topic pls, I suppose I messed a bit ))

I would take a look at our in our Issue Tracker to with the Windows Label and see if there are any the are similar to your issue. Lag has been a continuous problem on our windows builds and were mainly waiting on upstream to fix some of the problems. But I would look there first. If you find that one that matches could you link GitHub issue here so people know where to go if they encounter the same problem?

Sadly our Community Forums are not a for reporting bugs in general. It’s mainly a forum for collaboration and showcasing. I’ll move you to MyPaint Questions for now.

Welcome to the Community BTW. It’s awesome to have an architect here! ^^

Hi @zsolarewicz. Was this build one of yours?

Here are our Windows lag bugs:

Help needed! This one seems impossible for me to reproduce even on crappy hardware and Windows 7 - evidently my kit is just not bitten by this bug, end of story. I’ve tried all sorts, but somebody needs to dive into the code and try stuff on affected machines.

This was mine:

BTW cant add any labels…??

It seems impossible to give regular users control over labels, sorry.

The link you gave seems to be 404 Not Found right now?

Nooo, link works. ??

But issue no. is 527 -thats enough to identify.;
Build 3.71 on Windows 10 x64 (and x32) lagging on brush strokes… #527
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bluecd commented 7 days ago
…/mypaint/windows/ needs “cd …/“
”./ $release_opts – “$tmp_root””

  1. Build 3.64 still lagging on mouse/pen draw /sketching brushes/ while version 1.2.0a was OK.
    @bluecdbluecd changed the title from Windows build… to Windows 10 x64 build… 7 days ago

bluecd commented 5 days ago
Correction: Not alpha but version 1.2.0-beta.1.113+git.33d1643.dirty had no lagging at all.
Build 3.71 still lags.

Windows 10 x64, Phenom X4, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX760 2GB, dual 1920x1200 monitor setup, Huion 610Pro tablet

It’s really weird that it works for you but not for me! I can see 526 and 528 just fine. Must be some CDN screwup at the github end. Even searching for “527” returns no results.

Does rebuilding and retesting with…

$ cd path/to/mypaint/repo
$ scons --clean
$ git submodule update --init --force
$ scons
$ ./mypaint -c /tmp/test123

…make any difference?

Are you able to use git bisect to identify the first bad revision? This information would be very valuable, and I can document how to do it here in the forums.

OK, I will try rebuilding.
Should I mind especially x64 or x32 ?'
Have no ideo whats wrong with issue tracker, too little experienco w/it so far ))
BUT I can post the issue here anyway if needed.

If the issue is happening in both, it shouldn’t matter. Go with the MINGW64 shell if that’s your usual.

You can get/upgrade the deps for each MSYS2 environment with windows/ just to save time. Of course, if the problem emerged as a result of such an upgrade, a git bisect workflow might be fruitless.

OK, x32 build looks not bad although have some strange issues w/toolbox locking, stopping responding to pen pressure/no drawing at all but cursor moves…, but much less of mentioned lags/above indicated build was really good about this/, mypaint has some problem when switching/dragging between displays - it must have to do w/wintab setting /tablet dedicated display/.
One thing: I was building previously using script, not just by executing ‘scons’.;

Git produces such thing:
bluecd@computer MINGW32 /c/devel/mypaint
$ git submodule update --init --force
’: invalid ID 89: export: sha1 ': invalid ID 89: export:displaypath
Submodule path ‘’: checked out ‘29dd6c1b815d4725b5185324a51392bb7e2a1c21’

Build x64 also looks quite OK, little lagging on aggregated, complicated brushes and fast drawing, wrench icon inactive on Toolbox even if window focused.

And…whoah !: There are three devices now visible: System aggregated and two HUION tablet pens - why two ??..))

Update 1:
Ive noticed lagging on C_D brushes (which I unfortunately would like the most ))/ AND as I guess starting newly build mypaint WITHOUT 123etc home dir causes mypaint to use most probably default dir on my desktop comp, I’ll check it by removing default installation of any previous mypaint versions.

Update 2: Yes, I think I sorted the problem out: Concept_Design brushes by Ramon, although lovely to me seem to cause lagging: i.e. if C_D brush toolbox is open it causes lagging to ALL the brushes installed, pity…